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What is Global Site Tag (gtag.js)?

Who should use the Global site tag and who should use the site tag?

If you have recently needed to install google analytics on your website or you have recently set up conversion tracking in Google AdWords then you might have noticed that the tracking looks different. You Will now see the New Global Site tag in Google Analytics and Google AdWords.

So What is a gtag? What are the benefits? And Should you Migrate?
Nixt will answer these questions for you in this article.
The New Global Site Tag is designed to streamline tagging on your website.

Global Site Tag has been created by the team the develops Google tag Manager at google and replaces the previous analytics.js Tag for Google Analytics and the previous conversion tracking Tag from Google AdWords.
Using the new Global Site tag means that you’re using the latest tracking tag from Google and you’ll be able to access new features that Google releases.

The first question you might be asking is.
-What do I need to do if I am currently using Google Tag Manager?
The answer is simple, Nothing! You Don’t need to do anything If you’re currently using Google Tag Manager.

the Global Site tag is really designed for people who aren’t using Google Tag Manager yet.

So if you’re using Google Tag Manager and you’re Sending data to Google Analytics using the built-in Google Analytics tags, Then you don’t need to do anything.

Just to highlight, You shouldn’t be removing the in-built Google Analytics rags and Using a Custom HTML Tag.

This Won’t give you extra benefits.

So now you might be asking, Who should use Global Site Tag?
Basically, anybody who isn’t using Google Tag Manager.

So if you currently have the Google Analytics tracking code embedded directly on your website, Then you should consider migrating to gtag.js.

If you currently using the dedicated Google Adwords Tracking Code, Which is the conversion.Js code, Then you need to migrate to gtag.js to avoid inaccurate conversion tracking.

This is because of the recent addition of intelligent tracking prevention in Safari by apple, Which means, You will be missing conversion data with the old tracking Tag.

What Is gtag.js with Google Analytics?
Global Site tag

However, If you are going to take the time to migrate, then you’re probably going to see more benefits by implementing Google tag Manager instead. You will be able to take advantage of tag management and all of the new built-in triggers in Google Tag Manager.

An alternative option is to link Google AdWords to Google Analytics to import your conversions into AdWords. this means You will be accurately tracking conversions on Safari.

What is Global Site Tag?

The Global Site Tag is Really designed for people just starting to use Google Analytics and just using Google AdWords Tracking.
The best way to think of the Global Site tag is a simplified version of Google tag Manager.

it provides new flexibility, For example, you can currently modify the tag to simultaneously track into Google Analytics and Google AdWords…

What is global Site Tag?
What is global Site Tag? gtag.js

Google has also said that Google will provide a way for people to migrate from the Global Site tag to Google tag Manager in the future.

this is going to be a great benefit for people who begin using the Global Site Tag who then want to take advantage of tag Management.

it will mean they don’t need to re-tag their entire website.

If you’re looking to use Global Site tag, you can find in Google Analytics by navigating to Admin -> Select “Tracking info” -> Tracking Code then you will be able to see your tracking code which will be gtag.js.

And if you are in Google AdWords you can find it by navigating to conversion under measurement where you can get it from the settings icon and when you create a new conversion code, You will be getting the Global Site Tag to track conversions into your AdWords account.

So, There are the benefits of the new Global Site Tag and who should be using it.
Remember, if you are already using Google Tag Manager, then you don’t need to change what you are using and think even of using the new Global Site Tag.

You only need to migrate if you are using the Analytics.js or onversion.js tracking Tags from Google. And if that’s you, then it is a perfect time for you to consider using/implementing Google tag Manager for even more benefits.

Please, if you have any questions you would like to ask about gtag.js? Feel free to send it to us or let me know on the comment below, if you liked the blog, please feel free to share it.

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