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What is digital marketing?

What is digital marketing?

What is digital marketing?

If you think that by now all the people are already using the internet, think again. The number of people using the internet by 2019 is 4.39 billion internet users. It will not end here, the amount of usage & the time spending on the internet is not the same as years ago, and it is rapidly growing. It increased by 9 percent since January 2018. Besides, the rate of interactive networks is increasing without boundaries or barriers. Anything anyone thinks of can share it by different means. If a person hated a drink from a local coffee shop, it might go viral in no time by just one post. This is how the internet is a solid power nowadays.  

Since Marketing is finding your target audience in the first place, then businesses should travel to where the audience are spending time the most; the internet. This puts the offline marketing in a tight corner where it cannot survive or work alone. It should be directly besides online marketing. In the case of customer dissatisfaction, online marketing makes it easier to clear misunderstandings or defend the brand shortly before affecting the brand reputation by a way or another.

Online marketing or using the internet for promotion has a professional term, which is “Digital Marketing”. So, what is digital marketing exactly? , we have a very detailed answer in the upcoming lines.

Digital marketing definition:

Digital marketing definition can be summed up as follows:

 Digital marketing is all the marketing actions that use digital tools of electronic devices and the internet to market a brand or business. Those tools are mainly internet channels such as social media marketing, search engines, email, and other websites to reach more of the current customers and find its way to potential ones.

There is another casual digital marketing definition which is” digital advertising”. The use of digital tools as a base of advertising.

Before going deeply to those digital marketing tools, let’s have a further look at what people interactions are digital, it was explained in 5 types called the “5Ds of digital marketing:

-Digital Devices:

The audience interacts with any content the brand releases on websites or apps through digital devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc.

-Digital Platforms:

The interactions made by those devices are mostly though interactive platforms that become one of the powerful factors for any brand’s success, those platforms are (Facebooks, Instagram, Twitter, Google, YouTube).

-Digital Media:

It is the communication effort for reaching targeted and potential audiences through different channels such as: email marketing, messaging, and search engines.

-Digital Data:

It is using digital channels to collect general information about your audience however; it should be limited and not invading personal privacy.

-Digital technology:

It is the marketing technology businesses use to increase or create the interactive from websites to, for example, email campaigns.

Digital marketing tools:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is a digital marketing tool that helps you optimize your website, the thing that makes it rank on search engines through organic reach. This is done through a various mechanism as follows:

-On-Page SEO:

This mechanism focuses mainly on the actual content of the page that the audience found when they navigate your website. Searching for keywords that include your audience’s interests or questions, they might ask to be always their obvious answer and rank on first results.

-Off-Page SEO:

The mechanism of off-page SEO, from its name it is what is “NOT” happening on your page. It is about you inbound or backlinks. The partnership or bonding you make with other websites to rank higher. In this case you need to choose carefully where to link your brand’s name and how.

-Technical SEO:

This is a technical mechanism for how your optimization is coded. This type of SEO helps you increase your website’s loading speed, which is a great factor when it comes to ranking.

Content Marketing:

Content marketing is a very important tool because it talks to humans, not numbers. After you pay for advertising or increase the traffic on your website for the first time, people visiting the pages need to attach to the page by a way or another. This is the content marketing mission which is giving people something to think about and let them turn back to it again and again.

Content marketing includes:

Blog posts:

If a business has its own blog on the website publishing original articles, this helps in increasing the organic traffic of the website along with the credibility of the brand itself.


This is a kind of educational type of content, it provides readers with information and helps in generating leads for the company by exchanging the reader’s contact information.


It’s a visualization of a certain concept that readers want to learn, it makes it easier on visitors when the subject is a bit confusing and holds many stages.

Social media:       

Social media marketing strategy should include a creative content plan as well to keep track of social media users.

Social Media Marketing:

This tool includes promoting creative content on various social media platforms. It should have a strong social media marketing strategy to increase the awareness of the brand among users, which would push the traffic to better results. Each business should choose the platform that suits its service or products.

Those platforms are:

  • Facebook.
  • Twitter.
  • LinkedIn.
  • Instagram.
  • Snapchat.
  • Pinterest.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

It is a way of advertising which you increase the traffic of the website by paying the publisher only when there is a click on the link. One of the most common types of PPC is google ads. You pay for top slots on Google’s search engine results and it is according to each click of the links you put. There are other forms of Pay Per Click (PPC) as follows:

-Facebook Paid Ads:

You can promote your Facebook content whether it’s image, slideshow, video or even a text to reach your target audience and potential segments of the audience as well.


It is possible to pay for specifying audience from your business interests and traits to enlarge your network through automatic message sending.  


Twitter has an option of campaign ads for a series of tweets or profiles to appear to specific people of the same interest. This happens for increasing the traffic or awareness of a certain brand or business.

Native Advertising:

Native advertising is a form of hidden indirect advertising; they are paid ads that do not look like ads. This kind of ads are used to increase the credibility of the brand to their audience. They are placed in the normal media format of the website. To have winning native advertising the style of content should be similar to the original site’s tone you are advertising through. When you see the efforts of any paid ad you start to think of how the brand is trying to hide any demerits, the native kind gives you a feeling of trust and objectivity.

Email Marketing:

This is one of the digital marketing tools where companies try to reach their audience through E-mail sending. The purpose of the emails varies from welcoming to providing offers or announcements. It keeps the relationship between the brand and its customers personalized and strong.

What digital marketing company does?

The digital marketing company is different from any traditional marketing agency that it focuses mainly on the digital mechanism and efforts that can increase the audience traffic on various platforms.

In digital marketing, everything should be measurable to get the most accurate results. The agency differs than others by just its strategic path or execution. This happens through a strong digital marketing strategy. When every step based on facts and statistical insights, it is easier to increase the credibility of the agency.

Creativity is one of the core bases of any successful digital marketing agency, it is not just about the strategic numbers, and there is strategic content marketing they follow to keep the relationship with the customers positively informative.

We can say that digital marketing company plays on three main sections:

First: Improving Business

You might ask why does a business need an entirely different agency to improve his own business, the answer comes in a very important word called “Targeting”,the business might be at its best but still not gaining the goal,it is because some businesses cannot target properly. One of the digital marketing company’s roles that all the focus be on whom to target and how to keep the relationship on positively.

Second: Online Branding

As the effectiveness of online marketing is growing nonstop, the online branding of any business is necessary. The digital marketing company helps businesses choose which platforms to use. Also, the tactics of each platform and the way of using them correctly. This is along with the content for the chosen platforms.

Third: Boosting ROI (Return on Investment)

ROI or return in investment in marketing is that practice done to measure what the marketing efforts financially and non-financially did to the business. The return can be in terms of profits, awareness, traffic, Etc. any kind of actions led by marketing efforts.

The digital marketing company is responsible for increasing such ratio for the business it handles. Reporting it as well is necessary to the client to be well informed.

Do you think that digital marketing works for all businesses?

Here comes the power of digital marketing specifically and the digital world in general. Any business with any kind of industry can doubtlessly implement or use a digital marketing strategy to improve sales and increase awareness and customer consideration.

However, this does not mean that all businesses should implement the same digital marketing strategy or follow the same online advertising path. Each business has its own targets, goals, and objectives. It varies as follows:

B2B digital marketing:

B2B means Business to business kind of marketing. Some industries communicate in various ways with their customers depending on the nature of the customer or the last goal of the process. The main focus of digital marketing here is increasing the lead generation through the website.

In addition, if the company is a B2B kind of business, this affects choosing the social networking site. LinkedIn is one of the leading B2B digital marketing platforms where users can approach different fields and industries.

B2C digital marketing:

The business to customer kind of marketing depends on individual purchases and number of audience base. In this case, digital marketing focuses mainly on the traffic on the website and the rate of audience visiting. Also, how visitors interact or why they don’t, the qualitative methods here plays very powerful impact. As the visitor clicks the website, tracking his experience is a must and asking his range of satisfaction is the key of improvement for his next visit and also other potential individual customers.

This B2C (business to customer) kind of digital marketing usually uses more interactive social networking sites than B2B kind. Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are very powerful interactive platforms to choose. They make it easy on businesses to know directly the customer satisfaction rate, and sometimes they rescue misunderstandings with customers before it turns out to be the electronic word of mouth that might end the brand’s reputation. This is because it is easy to reach and gets faster replying mechanisms. 

So any new business owner should know by now the digital marketing definition and its powerful impact on the brand. Digital marketing can help a brand grow endlessly or sink deeply. The trick is how to use it properly besides which agency to hire. Do not think that offline connections are enough to increase sales, you have to think digital to bring your business to the top and gain success in a reasonable time instead of waiting for fate solve it. When you digitize your marketing thinking, make sure to start with a strong plan and creative content.

It is a matter of time and offline marketing would eventually die, try to know more about how digital marketing goes as it grows fast even while reading this there’s some change happens by a way or another.

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