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Top Keys to Epic Engagement on Social Media

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Most brands understand how vital it is to be on social media. However, many people do not underestimate the value of engagement. If you are shouting out in the trenches and rarely taking the time to interact with your existing and potential followers, you are missing out on opportunities to increase social media engagement.

On the other hand, when you communicate regularly, you are building relationships that can drive conversions and profitability. Brands are looking for exceptional social media approaches for 2019 to increase their engagement and lead re-engagement from social.

You can bet 2019 will be an excellent year for those brands considering using the following engagement strategies with their social media campaigns.

Incorporate images in your posts

One of the essential tools you can use to help you enhance social media engagement is to include visual content. One research indicated that images directed to an 85% intercommunication rate on Facebook and boosted shares of content by 35%.

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Pictures attract the eye and improve the chances that people will engage and interact with your social media posts on Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms.

Create Eye-Catching Lists

People love to read and make lists. Many trending content posts and famous publications use this tactic to attract readers. I mean, almost every Google search lists some kind of content.

Since online attention spans are low, people love being capable of scanning through useful and engaging material swiftly if you are stuck on how to execute this social idea, don’t worry!

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There are several techniques you can create significant lists for your company.

For example, if you are a company or lifestyle coach, you can create social/blog posts like:

  • 7 Things to Look for in a Business Trainer
  • 25 Best-Kept Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success
  • 15 Ways to Start a Productive Day
  • 20 Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Business Coach

To ensure reading ease, be sure to provide visual help to readers by numbering, spacing, and using varying font types.

To comply with reader preference, making bite-sized lists of meaningful content can be a popular marketing idea for your business!

Ask For Feedback And Reviews

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Want to get your followers discussing? Ask them to share their impressions! Many followers are pleased to talk about the products they love and the ones that they feel could use renovation.

You can ask them to leave their comments and feedback as observations or direct readers to your review page. The latter can be particularly helpful if your review page on Facebook is moderately sparse.

If happy reviewers leave their feelings, they provide valuable information for those who have not yet decided whether or not they want to use your product or assistance.

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Top Keys to Epic Engagement on Social Media

As with any procedure, there are some cautions. On most sites, it is against the laws to offer prizes in exchange for feedback. So, while a restaurant may desire to give a free dessert in trade for a review, this step could get your social media page suspended.

You are also rigorously prohibited by law to offer incentives for satisfied reviews. This is exceptionally true if a brand is soliciting a review from someone who may not have used the product.

The FTC has issued several fines for false reports. The potential benefits from positive feedback are not worth the possible consequences.

 Instead, suggest people that you want to hear from them. Their reviews can help you devise new products or enhance the ones that you previously offer. And, if they only have positive and accurate things to say, so much the better!

Diverse Tone And Voice For Every Social Channel

This may look like simple information, but it is, in fact, something that many businesses struggle with. Each social channel has its predetermined purpose, and you need to regulate the voice and tone of your posts with that determination.

 Top Keys to Epic Engagement on Social Media
Top Keys to Epic Engagement on Social Media

FaceBook is more playful and lively; for example, while LinkedIn is more professional. Avoid posting the same post verbatim on various channels. The audience of each platform will expect a diverse, unique tone that joins with that appropriate social platform.

You can determine your tone and voice for each channel when building your social media style guide, as discussed above.

Use Hashtags Accurately

Hashtags can make or break your social media efforts. When used powerfully, hashtags can significantly increase the appearance of your posts.

Be sure to examine the hashtags you plan to utilize to ensure they are actively in use. Otherwise, you’ll misuse your time and increase your posts’ character limit needlessly.

Furthermore, the efficient use of hashtags diversifies across social channels

Post Multiple Times Daily

post on social media
Posting On Social Media

Many people handle social media posting like a task and, therefore, only post once a day because it’s a mark off the list of things to do.


This will not work in 2019!

In the initial days of social media, you could post once a day and be “appropriate,” but in today’s ever-competitive world, you require to be posting at least 2-3 times a day! This can also vary by industry. If you are an attire business, I would suggest 4-5 times a day!

You want to gain a balance of posting enough during the day to keep the engagement going but not over posting where you are overwhelming your audience. Look to post at the best times your target following is online. To do this, attempt to post every two hours over a week’s time, and you will soon see when people are online consistently for your brand.

Use Social Plugins 

Social Media Plugins
Social Media Plugins

There are numerous social plugins available for brands online, which can be used to improve engagement. One of them is Facebook Share API. It is a social plugin that makes it feasible for followers to share posts and content from your website straight to their Facebook pages.

How it works

Once users visit your website, they are provoked to share the content straight on their Facebook page, consequently, increasing user engagement. This is particularly useful when a new user visits your site from the shared link.

Here Are 5 of Our Favorite Social Media plugins that Can Be used

  1. Social Snap
  2. Easy Social Share Plugin
  3. Monarch by Elegant Themes
  4. Jetpack
  5. Share Buttons by addtoany


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