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The Impact of social media on family and society

The Impact of Social Media on Family and Society

Social media

What distinguishes the modern era is the tremendous progress in (technology) communication, and social networking pages of various types and forms, and these means emerged as a cultural achievement produced by creative giant minds, through (sophisticated technology) sophisticated.

Pros of Social Media:

  • Exchange of life experiences in various areas of life, through conversations with friends.
  • Acquiring important information, from the sources that it provides, through the likes of the recordings, and follow-up to each other, and through the exchange of dialogue pages with friends, as a fruit of the exchange of opinion, and discussion on a topic or issue of issues, once you like the admiration of a particular page, the events of this page and news They appear with the person they like, and so on.
  • Creates an opportunity for creativity, in the formulation of certain intellectual, cultural, and political interpretations, especially through multi-address groups (groups), which are joined by many members, and renewed, and linked by social and cultural views converging to achieve the purposes of rapid social communication, and inexpensive with Friends and relatives.
  • To acquire creative experiences in various cultural fields.
  • To acquire appropriate awareness, including events and developments, and in various fields. It has a valuable opportunity to acquire multiple skills in life and in various fields.

Cons of Social Media:

  • Emotional isolation from the nearby community to integrate with the remote virtual community, it may be a person in the presence of his guests busy with friends on a social networking site at the expense of the duty of hospitality.
  • Preoccupation with the performance of some duties, whether family or in the various aspects of job performance.
  • Introduction to spread the culture of moral decay and corruption; because these means, especially (Facebook) is an open society, to all cultures, including with regard to the promotion of the values ​​of corruption and decay.
  • A suitable place for planning and a fertile environment to spread of crime and extremism sometimes, where these means a fertile opportunity through which extremists meet and strengthen their expertise and criminal experiences.
  • An appropriate entrance for the enemies to track the nation’s youth and follow their various activities.
  • There is a strong opportunity to spread and promote rumors and in various aspects of life.

The proper attitude towards it

Based on all of the above, it is necessary to have things in order for these means to achieve their proper role and positively, including:

  • Self-censorship and proper awareness of how to deal with it.
  • Parental and family control, follow-up of what children attend, and draws their attention with appropriate guidance. – Awareness and appropriate education of how to deal with them, and the integration of the role of awareness in this, between home and school, and the media.

Social media is a great civilization achievement, and only human beings have the means to benefit from it, or find ways to prevent its danger by being concerted and integrated efforts, advice and guidance and follow-up.

Social Media and general relationships

Social media has both positive and negative impacts on a relationship. On one hand, it can make one remain associated with his companions constantly, then again, it can make individuals have a lesser eye to eye discussion. Likewise, it has been seen that connections that create when two individuals really meet each other last longer than those which create over the web. Without social systems administration behavior, the cooperations that you have can be appalling. In any case, each coin has different sides, and social media is no exemption to that, so it is imperative to comprehend the advantages and the repercussions of social media on connections.

On the other hand, one thing most couples gripe about nowadays is that as opposed to investing quality energy with one another, the accomplices are continually snared on to the social media to realize what is happening in the lives of others. This can cause a scratch in the relationship, as correspondence is imperative to continue a relationship. It is significant in this manner, that you invest extensive energy with your nearby ones and breaking point the time you spend on the web. The greatest danger social media stances to a relationship is that the believability of an individual can’t be checked on a social media site.

This can cause individuals to make phony profiles, post inaccurate data about themselves, control realities and misrepresent reality.

These were a portion of the manners by which social media can influence a relationship. Innovation is digging in for the long haul and one can’t reprimand it for our absence of comprehension. As somebody has properly said that we have to fall set up with innovation instead of it falling set up with us.

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