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Google account map

Google Ads’ New Account Map

If you are a marketing Manager or having a manager account that has multiple sub-accounts (Either client accounts you’re handling or other sub-manager accounts you’re having), Now you can use the account map to see…
Exclude Mobile App Categories

How To Exclude All Mobile Apps from Your Google Ads Display Campaigns

Today we are going to go over how to remove mobile apps from your display campaigns, So you wanna make sure that your display ads aren’t running on mobile apps or certain category on mobile…
gtag.js at nixt marketing

What is Global Site Tag (gtag.js)?

Who should use the Global site tag and who should use the site tag? If you have recently needed to install google analytics on your website or you have recently set up conversion tracking in…
Google Adwords for company

How important is Google Adwords in the Digital Marketing of Your Company?

A successful internet marketing campaign is just like a vehicle with a set of moving parts –all works coherently however, one of its parts has gotten the upper hand while serving a key function. These…
Social Media Vs Google

Social Media or Google Adwords?

We have heard this question a lot from our clients,  What should we do first?  What is best for my business?  Is google ads PPC better or social media?  Who drives the quality traffic to…
Why do you need to hire a Google Ads Agency/ Specialist for your Local Business?

Why do you need to hire a Google Ads Agency & Specialist for your Local Business?

In today’s competitive world, every company thinks of being on top of the mind of the targeted audience. To stand apart from the crowd, you need to know the tricks of the trade and be…
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