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Social Media Vs Google

Social Media or Google Adwords?

We have heard this question a lot from our clients, 

What should we do first? 

What is best for my business? 

Is google ads PPC better or social media? 

Who drives the quality traffic to my website? 

Which one can generate qualified leads? 

Many questions, but to answer it we need to distinguish the difference first between Social media Marketing and Google Adwords.

Social Media Marketing is like a mall you go to when you have time, Want to eat, Want to do shopping, Meeting a friend or want to spend some time, Etc….

But while you’re walking in the mall the variety of markets will start to build for you some feelings and raise some interests but you keep walking, thinking and watching all the shops displays until the well-established one catch your attention so at this point you might change everything you were doing or forget even about your reason of being at the mall and enter the shop, Start checking the products, Materials and check if it fits you or not, you might get out of the shop or you might get your close off and check the product or the cloth you choose.

But you are not sure still if you need it or not, but you take one more step forward to show your interest of the product and here it comes you ask the seller for the price or how to use the product and what will come out of his mouth is 75% of your decision. 

It is easy now, isn’t? a normal day in our lives.

So every day when you open your social media favorite platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, You start scrolling down and up looking and watching, Mabe you opened it to chat? Or to search for a post? A video? but you end up clicking on a paid ad Because of some reasons, Well Designed, Amazingly written-Content, Offer/Discount that can’t be missed.

 The most powerful one “You have been selected or targeted based on the behavior on the social media”.

Then you start to check the ad, Read and see everything about it and here it will go the last step of the journey, Either you will get your Credit card and buy the product or you will submit a form to know more “based on the product” 

But with Google Adwords PPC, Your journey is entirely different, You just wake up in the morning, You desire to get your Oat on the breakfast but you don’t find, You decide to go to the nearest shop that sells oats When you enter you head directly to the oat section and you start examining for the most high-grade oat or maybe your preferred one or ask for review or recommendation from anyone at the shop.

You are already planned to buy, Either your beloved brand or other but in both of the behaviors your intention from the beginning to get out of home and head to the shop/Market is to buy or because you’re interested to know more about it.

And this is Google AdWords with all its simplicity, You just open your browser and go to google and search for anything that comes to your mind, Such as Nearest Digital Marketing course center 

to go and check the available courses may be because you want to schedule to join later but anyway you searched because something triggered your interests.

Many things could distinguish between how both of them perform.

So, Social media and Google AdWords are the two top pay-per-click advertising platforms. But Google Ads “PPC”  is simple, You just want to make sure to come up on top when someone is searching for your service.

on the other side we find Social Media Marketing such as Facebook Ads, it displays banners in social feeds in many different ways that are targeted based on demographic and behavioral information.

Like both of them, we use to sell products or services, But each of the platforms is used to do everything in marketing from build brand awareness to drive sales.

Unorganized and poorly created campaign on either of the platforms will cost you a lot of money and will lead to a waste of money and time, So advisable to do social media marketing campaigns or even Pay-Per-Click PPC advertising without enough knowledge it’s worth hiring a highly ranked PPC management company Such As Nixt to get the best of your investment. 

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