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What is Social Media Marketing?


Facebook was the one social networking site from where the hype of these sites begun and still is at a leading role in the otherwise highly competitive social media and networking sites market. With more than 2 billion from all over the globe on Facebook. It’s not possible for any business to ignore such an interactive platform. Despite various efforts and time and money spent, people fail to get their desired result as the Facebook algorithm keeps changing and updating to make itself better suited for its users. A key factor to remember is Facebook marketing is nothing as to what we call as advertising on Facebook.


 In the organic reach as well as paid reach it’s very important to remember some key factors such as:

  • The first tip of marketing on Facebook is not to go blindly after paid options thinking they will work magic as very often organic reach trumps the paid one.
  • Consider your post and engagement expected on it then based on that factor decide if user engagement will be enough for your reach or you will need to use paid options to get that desired reach and thus engagement.
  • Instead of tailoring the general post to all your audience irrelevant of demographics, age or interest use the audience optimization tool provided by Facebook to customize your posts based on a different set of factors and thus suited to different audiences in a better way which will give you much better result overall.
  • Facebook targets one very important psychological factor that is retargeting the users that have already converted once or are influenced in some way. Turning them again is easy as compared to getting new users and its crucial to maintain the existing user base.
  • With the Facebook pixel and custom audience feature, you can build your custom audience directly on the Facebook page and keep track of them.
  • Keep performing A/B tests to see what kind of optimization converts well and keep optimizing regularly and experimenting.
  • You need to work step by step to get the best of it. The first part is to develop your strategy, to do that define your audience and use Facebook audience insights.
  • Afterward set goals as to what you want and to what extent you want. It can be user engagement on your post or visits to your website or something else.
  •  Then it comes to creating a marketing plan, here you can either follow the 80-20 rule i.e. 80 percent of informative and user-targeted posts while rest 20 percent is of brand promotion and your business-related.
  • You can also follow the one-third rule i.e., one-third informative posts, one-third posts where you interact personally with your followers and rest one-third promotional content. Depending on your type of business and other stuff, choose the one that suits you best.
  • Now you have to decide the frequency and timings of posts. Depending on your target audience and demographics you should decide the best timings based on insights and keep adequate time interval difference between posts so as to let each post reach its full potential and not eat into the previous one’s reach.
  • Posts can also be of various kinds such as text-based posts, image posts, video content, links, etc. Depending on the niche and type of content you are sharing, choose the post which will suit your audience best.
  • Giveaways of various sorts and sharing in relevant groups also convert well. You can ask people to share your giveaway as the primary step to taking part in it thus increasing its reach and niche targeted groups also work wonders if used properly and not spammed.


Linkedin is a platform for social networking where unlike others, professional engagement is promoted and as such is a targeted platform in itself. Various companies that are in client businesses use this as their primary marketing platform to engage with their potential customers. Marketing on LinkedIn involves some crucial tips which start with building your profile a suitable one to give a rather good first impression and then amongst further steps such as posting regularly, engaging in groups to ultimately trying with LinkedIn ads and tracking with its analytics.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing
  • Linkedin profiles of you along with everyone else at the company showing their presence on LinkedIn are the first thing that stands out and comes to anyone’s attention. Make sure to complete your profile to the full extent and then keep it regularly updated with your skills, achievements and such. You can also create a business page of your company on LinkedIn for better-suited purposes.
  • Setting your goals and defining your target audience is a very crucial thing for any marketing campaign and the same applies here as well.
  • Your company page is your face value on LinkedIn and you must optimize it well. Be sure to link your page to your company website and keep posting relevant content and updating it on a regular basis. Also, make sure to use jargon related to the service you provide and industry that you are in to make it easy for your target users to reach you.
  • Engage people by posting interesting thought-provoking content and promoting it as much as possible with the help of your employees, followers and as such.
  • Use posts that drive much attention and are visually more comprehensive. For your most engagement driving posts, use LinkedIn sponsored content to make it reach out to far more people and let it stand out.
  • Lastly, use LinkedIn ads features along with analytics. In LinkedIn ads you have three steps, targeting, bidding, optimization. You can further use the analytics to monitor and track the campaign and results.
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing



Twitter is one of the biggest brand influencers, it’s also called the celebrity social network as the system on which twitter works is update sharing and people following their favorite brands and persons essentially enhancing their profiles on it. Using twitter you can accomplish so much that you can’t via other social networks. A single tweet can often topple or build a brand image.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing


  • Your twitter bio is the key to you. Make sure that it reflects your identity and that of your business. Include a link to your site in it.
  • Engage with the most followed, popular, influential and expert opinions on twitter and interact with them on a regular basis. Build real relationships with them not one based on self-interest. Retweet their good tweets and tag them in your good ones. Ask for their opinion and criticism as well as provide yours too.
  • Posting regularly and keeping in touch with your followers is an important thing to do. Ask your followers to show some love by retweeting and stuff as well as ask your colleagues and employees to help promote.
  • Try to keep track of the tags and engage in the conversations around if it gets interesting or is worth dropping in. Retweeting is a good practice to build relationships as well as favoriting tweets too. Favorite tweets often get more attention than retweets.
  • Keep yourself in touch with the current happenings and the latest trends and hashtags. Incorporate them in your posts in a relevant manner to your industry and content.
  • Engage your followers by offering them discounts/coupons for their retweets etc and use images, videos or gifs to hook them as compared to boring text updates.
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing
  • Use promoting tweets option to directly reach out to your target audience and keep a tab on them via analytics to see what’s the ROI and what works better.

Twitter marketing is best when combined with all your other marketing efforts, so if you are using facebook as well then share your tweets there or mail out the link to your mailing list.



Google plus though not as such a biggie as other social networking giants, it works very well in coordination with the search engine results especially on Google SERPs. SEO benefits of Google + are endless and with the Google + account mandatory for all Gmail users, it’s just not possible to ignore this platform for marketing purposes even if does not boast of heavy user base or activity. What it lacks in terms of social media, it makes up more than in the area of search engine optimization benefits. 

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing


  • The first step to start marketing on google plus is to set up a business page. Select a proper category and make sure not to skip out any of the parts of the page setup process.
  • You should carefully select your tagline as it represents your business and tells people about it.
  • You can choose to get a verified name for your page if you have a site which will establish trust amongst users.
  •  To do this go to edit profile option and then to the recommended links in the page where you can add your site then all you have to do is verify it by linking back your site to your google plus page.
  • Photos are amongst the popular type of posts on Google+ as they circulate well, also your status updates matter especially if you engage with users on them. Let alone your brand, your status updates can even rank on top of Google. Being keyword smart is one thing to remember about it.
  • Circles and hangouts are other neat features of Google +, circles help you make a dedicate following and make a segment of your followers while hangouts are exclusive, being limited in number they can be used for important meetings or interaction with your most loyal followers as a reward.
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing


Whilst you do the above, it doesn’t hurt to keep a rather fine set of points in mind during your marketing strategy.

  • Since Google+ impacts directly your brand ranking on SERP, it makes sense to include important keywords in your about section and adding links to value providing pages in the recommended links section.
  • Google events are one other nifty feature that lets you interact with all your followers for some special occasion and create awareness.
  • Post 2-4 times daily and optimize them well. Google search algorithm makes sure to pull out the most personalized and relevant content from within onto the search results.
  • Just like twitter, interacting with relevant people’s work a good way of promoting yourself on it.
  • Google authorship is the gem of this jewel, setting up your authorship gives you a most certain kind of unique trust in google’s eyes and can do wonders for your SERP rankings.
  • Not only it makes your posts more personalized, but it also protects your content from ranking below duplicate content and even increases the CTR.
  • For this, all you gotta do is add a link in each of your blog posts to your Google + profile with “rel=author” attached at end of the link and link back your blog from your google plus profile by adding it in the contributor section of your profile.

Think of it not as doing marketing for your brand on social media but rather increasing it’s ranking on one of the major search engines today.


Pinterest is an image-based social media where the focus is on people sharing content with other rather than interacting amongst themselves so the conversion rate is pretty good here if you focus on making your content reach out to more and more people instead of reaching out to them via your brand.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing


You get two different accounts on Pinterest, personal and business. You have to sign up for a business account to take advantage of the full potential of Pinterest.

Pinterest adheres to a strict set of guidelines regarding promotion and stuff.

  • Running sweepstakes, contests or giveaways is discouraged.
  • Increasing user engagement by asking to like, comment or pin the post is strictly forbidden.
  • Suggesting Pinterest involvement in any way with you is not allowed.
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Apart from other that, it’s rather basic to start marketing on Pinterest.

  • One of the key factors to getting viral is to pin your post as suitable to your target audience and at a time at best par with them.
  • Connect your other social media accounts via the social network section in account settings.
  • In the heap of data that this site offers, it’s hard to stand out which is why your newsletter is the perfect place to share your latest as well as most popular pins with your audience.
  • Just like others, making your posts well keyword optimized is one of the factors to keep in mind here as well.
  • Something called call-to-pin is a great thing similar to call to action button in your ad and works great.
  • Engagement with your followers and interaction with relevant industry people is important here as well.
  • Rich pins are a good thing, they need to be approved by Pinterest but once they are, they increase your chance of success by a huge ratio.
  • Not all kind of content needs rich pins but a link to your website feature offered in it is something you should totally exploit.
  • Make good use of popular group boards. Use pingroupie tool to find such.
  • Lastly, create a blog board to keep track of all your blog posts in one place and to provide your followers with a place to find them all together.


Remember the old weddings album or the travel diaries which people use to hold so dear and would show it with such cajole to all the visitors who would come to their home and not just that people are also interested in seeing adventures or life events of others. Well, Instagram just took the same concept and digitalized and before you know, it was the next big thing in social media

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing


                        Within just 7 years of its launch instagram has gained about 750 million users around the globe and more than 100 million photos and videos are shared on it on a daily basis. Other than huge user base, Instagram also boasts of heavy engagement as well on its platform. More than half its users are active on a daily basis and about one-third visit multiple times in a day. Promotion on Instagram is well rewarded, near 75% of Instagram users have spent time looking for some or other brand on it.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing


There are just a few sets of tips and instructions when it comes to marketing on Instagram. Though not in any specific order, these points work as a great asset in promoting yourself on this platform.

  • First basic on Instagram is to use square photos as much as possible. Most cameras within phones as well as digital ones provide this feature. Square photos ensure that while cropping the quality or content of the image isn’t compromised.
  • Turn your Instagram account from personal to business take advantage of the free tools that site provides and for other features too. Link to your landing page or main page of your site which is relevant to the content that you are posting.
  • Instagram is known for its sharing the love across not just related content but across the niches as well. You can tag others in your posts or share their content or just outright promote them. It works in benefit of both of you.
  • Hashtags are the key feature of Instagram and work much profoundly on this site as compared to any other. Make good use of trending hashtags only if they are related to your content.
  • Engaging your followers is more important than getting a huge following. A recent viral video in India resulted in a fairly new actress having more followers than Instagram owner Mark himself but that following would be short-lived and won’t convert well.
  • To keep your followers hooked, make a landing page related to your content and then a call to action post directly in your post or in your bio and then collect their emails asking them to sign up for a free ebook or newsletter, etc.
  • In your content, mix up photos and videos well. Photos help tell a story but videos bring that story to life. Videos convert thrice as well. But keep a good ratio between them, not just videos all the way.
  • Instagram is a platform utilized by many for paid promotion as well. You can find a highly active Instagram account with a large following in your niche and do a sponsored post on their account. With the reach and following that Instagram provides, it boasts of the cheapest thousand impressions overall social media sites.
  • Instagram has over 40,000 influencers to date. These influencers are trusted by their followers and are considered the new age celebrities. They curate very high-quality content as well in their vertical. Connect with the right influencer and you can spread your brand reach at a wide level.
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