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Places You Can Promote Your Business For Free

Want to advertise your business without paying nothing at all?
Here we will go through some of the tools Facebook and Pinterest can help your business get more sales, traffic or leads.

Facebook Page

A Facebook page is a public profile specifically created for businesses, brands, celebrities, causes, and other organizations, Not as your own Facebook profile which is more personal not for business. 

Because simply facebook profiles gain friends, not fans, And you’re looking for fans or customers.

Facebook pages can get an unlimited number of likes but the Facebook personal profile has a maximum of 5000 Friends.

Both Facebook pages and Facebook personal profiles work similarly to each other, Updating users such as Event, Uploading your photos, videos, and statuses. All of the information we mentioned before appear on the page itself and the same it appears on the fan’s personal account.

Facebook Groups 

Pages act as profiles for organizations, while groups gather people Who are into sharing common interests to express their own opinion.

Facebook group is created by a Facebook personal profile or Facebook page and created for a business organization or to promote some activities or share the same interest.

Users can post there posts or comments on the wall fo the group normally through discussion, Facebook groups are actually the main and easiest way for the communications between the business management and their customers to bring users together and have discussions.

What is good for your business about Facebook groups?

-In the Facebook group, you can communicate easily all the members together via email, chat, Wall posts, messages, and shared documents.

-Promoting events through Facebook groups unlink Facebook pages are not allowed to promote an event.

-Making common communication is now on social media is way easier particularly for businesses searching for contacts

-Filtering who can join your group and know more about their interest and if you want them to join or not. 

Facebook Live:

Facebook Live is a new feature by Facebook social media that simply uses its own mobile camera or compute to display or broadcasting immediate moments videos to Facebook.

Facebook live, can decide who can see the live videos so they can make sure that who will see the videos is the right audience that can engage with the content of the video. 

Facebook Messenger Chatbots:

mainly peace of an automated software you feed it with more information to make sure it understands others’ conversations, Bots are programmed to understand certain keywords and questions, provide answers and do some tasks. 

Facebook Stories 

The Facebook latest feature, the Facebook story is a feature where you can create content for your friends, audience, and fans without having to go to your newsfeed, You can create short bursts very similar to an Instagram story, Very easy to digest what I like to refer as a micro content 

Very similar to snap chat and Instagram. it was only available for personal Facebook profiles, not business pages but soon after the release of the feature facebook managed to make ever facebook business use the same feature.

One good thing about the Facebook story, That you can decide who can see it and with whom you wanna share it, And unlike Snapchat anyone know your user can access your stories

Facebook Messenger Stories 

One of the amazing hidden tricks that Facebook every now and then comes out to show us how can we utilize it to get the best out of it, Facebook app lets you play games and nowadays people use it to share their stories such as texting, videos or photos that tell the story of an event you want people to know.

Facebook Events 

Facebook event is a calendar-based resource that can be used to notify users of upcoming occasions. Facebook events are free, Anyone can create it anyone can comment or access it because it is not private for your Facebook group members or Facebook page fans.

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