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Google account map

Google Ads’ New Account Map

If you are a marketing Manager or having a manager account that has multiple sub-accounts (Either client accounts you’re handling or other sub-manager accounts you’re having), Now you can use the account map to see how these sub-accounts are structured.
Actually account map provides you with just a general overview of the accounts performance and set up for all, Sub-account and clients that are under your manager account.

Using the account map will defiantly help you to view all account levels performance, From Impressions, Clicks, Costs, Conversion and for sure the cost per conversion. And for sure remarketing if any are running.

How to Access your account map?
You Can Access the account map easily in one or two ways, you will automatically see the full hierarchy below your manager account, including all sub-manager and client accounts

Option 1: Access the account map through the Tools & settings menu
1-Log into your Google Ads manager account.
2-Click the tools icon.
3-Click “Account map”.

If you use Option 2, you will see a drill-down view from your manager account to the sub-manager or client account, and you can expand the view by clicking the bubble to the left of the account hierarchy. Option 2: Access the account map through the Accounts page
1-Log into your Google Ads manager account.
2-From the page menu on the left, click Accounts.
3-Click either Performance or Management.
4-From the list of accounts below, click the tree icon next to any account.

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