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Campaign Tracker for google adwords

Campaign Tracker extension for Google AdWords

Google Chrome released a new Extension called Campaign Tracker

Now you can keep an eye on your campaigns while you are normally browsing or surfing on the internet by the new feature or Chrome extension from Google AdWords.

Now you can follow all of your Google AdWords campaigns on the internet by a simple extension called Campaign tracker.

How does Campaign Tracker work with Google AdWords?
Easy to use campaign and balance tracker!
What to do with the campaign tracker?


Campaign Tracker
Campaign Tracker

Let it work around your account and campaign tracker will show you how your campaigns performing all the time and warn you about your balances.

Shows you new opportunities for keywords related to your campaigns!

While you are doing your regular internet behavior, Some pop-ups will come up for you for things to take care of or to change.

Cost fo Campaign Tracker for Google Adwords? It is totally free for sure to use Google AdWords newest extensions on google chrome by just accessing this link.

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