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4 Tips For Competing In Google Ads & Facebook Ads

In order to succeed in any type of advertising, digital, radio or away from home, it is necessary to monitor competitors and their tactics.  If you advertise on the subway, you probably will too.  Similarly, if they target a specific keyword in PPC, you should too.

There are many free benchmarks for data available for all Facebook and Google AdWords users.  Here are four effective tips for analyzing the competition.

 How to compete in Google Ads

1) Use all relevant ad extensions

Many PPC AdWords administrators think that the value of PPC ends with the titles, locations, and descriptions of the AdWords Ads.  Nevertheless, Ad extensions are an essential part of the customer experience and can greatly increase the performance of your ads.  Ad extensions can help you better tell the story of your brand by providing useful and essential info to your clients.

There are numerous Ad extensions to choose from, but the most important ad extensions are: Extensions of site links: these are additional links that your customers may find useful and that leads to unique landing pages.

Text extensions in the foreground:

use them to build trust with readers by including items such as “Quick Professional Service” or “Peace of Mind Guarantee.”

Structured fragments: include them to provide more information on the special features available in your service.  These are categorized based on different areas, so be sure to choose a relevant category as you develop ad extensions.

Review extensions: the addition of this powerful type of extension can significantly increase interaction.  Tip: Use your site reviews so that when your audience clicks on the extension, they are directed to your website.

2) Change offers for geographic targeting

Regardless of your market or industry, you can benefit by focusing your marketing dollars on specific geographic locations.

Even if you offer digital products and services, you can take advantage of it by examining where your commitment comes from to prioritize media spending in those areas. 

If your products and services do not depend on the physical location of your customers, you can still optimize your PPC campaigns with segmented offers based on seasonality, weather conditions and user needs.

Special Tip: Shared campaigns optimized for mobile devices

Many of their future customers use mobile devices.  This means that you need to have campaigns optimized for mobile users.  Campaigns optimized for mobile devices offer you the best opportunity to attract your mobile customers in the right format on your favorite device.  Campaign separation is an easy way to generate more qualified clicks.

How to compete on Facebook ads

Facebook ad management is a challenging task in itself and success can often seem like a dream to advertisers.  However, don’t be afraid, because WordStream is here!  Next, we will provide you with two useful actions to perform in your Facebook Ads account to help you improve, however, to get all the details and advice you need to participate in our webinar.

1) Adapt the ads to your main platform  

On Facebook, the best ad formatting practices may differ depending on the platform on which your ads are displayed.  For example, if your ads are published primarily on Instagram, you need to make sure that your ad is not copied to the available preview space and that you have a visible and clear call to action that makes sense for your campaign

2) Align your bid strategy with the central goal of your campaign

 Facebook has numerous campaign goals that advertisers can choose from and can feel overwhelming at times.  These options will change based on the type of purchase selected.  The “Auction” type of purchase that offers more options than the other option, “Scope and frequency.”

Special Tip:  Facebook purchase type options

 Selecting the right type of purchase and the objective of the campaign is the key to the success of your campaign and we are here to help you make the right choice!  We will not cover all the options and choices in this advance, but if you are interested, register for the webinar, for now, we’ll cover the basics.


 Competitive campaigns are effective and useful if the budget allows.  Obviously, it is very important to ensure that all bases are covered around all the terms of the brand and without a trademark.  If after these campaigns have been started and optimized and the paid search budget has been left, a competitive campaign could be the right direction to follow.

 If the budget is limited and there is no extra money to finance or promote your service, it is not over yet.  However, it is vital to at least make sure you bid on the same unmarked keywords that are most important to your specific niche of service and competition.  You can use the effective tips mentioned in this article to help you determine the right keywords to use.

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