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10 Ways to market your business in Dubai for free

10 Ways to market your business in Dubai for free

Simple marketing tactics that you can use to get your small business noticed.

Small business owners usually compete with other local business as well as nationally known as chains or service organizations, Many small business owners are reluctant to spend much money on marketing as there are equally pressing needs for payroll, Stock or rent and other needed cash, And also they can see an immediate return for certain expenditures and marketing is almost like cigarette smoke, you cannot see the return even though it is substantial.

It wasn’t too long ago that businesses with small marketing budgets engaged in a marketing strategy called Guerilla marketing.
The purpose of this type of marketing is to get noticed without spending much money.
Today many of the techniques used in guerrilla marketing are still very effective though social media helps small businesses have even greater reach.
E-marketing is the cutting edge of guerilla marketing today, it’s a new form of guerilla marketing and works hand-in-hand with the old way of guerilla marketing.
It can be done for little expense, so what can you do to promote your small or startup at a low cost?

Follow out tips to know how to market your business without depleting your bank account.

Simple Tactics to get your business noticed.

1st, Develop a powerful marketing message and a hook to get potential customer’s attention.

“Good topics to include on your website or in a brochure about your company include a statement of a problem and how your company solves it, the methodology your company uses to achieve results, what makes your company stands apart from your uniqueness? And testimonials, or case studies.
Make sure your marketing message does a great job describing product or services key benefits.

2nd, Summarize your message into an 8-second elevator pitch.

This is because most adults have an attention span of under 10 seconds.

3rd. Local businesses can brand together for cross-marketing efforts.

By asking non-competitive local businesses to join the group, Fliers and coupons can be placed by cash registers in cooperating businesses.

Mention them on your website and your social media and they can do the same for you. This is a cheap and effective local marketing

4th, you can sponsor a local event.

It could be a 5K walk for a charity, sponsoring a little league team or providing goods or services for a charitable beneficiary are just some of the ways that you can get in front of your customers.

5th, Networking.

Networking is a terrific way to fid business to cross-market with or simply keep you in mind for a referral to others.

Network after work is another way that entrepreneurs can network today as old days at clubs or restaurants, used together you can quickly build your own network of people who will market for you and for whom you can market as well.

6th, Be Humble, but, Ask for referrals.

If your product or service is received well by a customer, don’t be shy about asking for referrals, most people are happy to help but usually only if asked, so go ahead and ask for referrals.

Say something like, Oh, by the way, anyone else who could benefit from our services?  as simple as that. And people say, Well, As a matter of fact, yes, I have someone, etc….

Another thing you can do, is what called suggestive clause is when you ask for a referral take out your pen and a piece of paper and get ready to write like you absolutely expect a name and a phone number and people say oh, yes should go yeah and they will give you the first name that to their mind which will be a friend of theirs who they know and who knows and likes them. Just a little tick that I have used over the years.

7th, build relationships.

Keeping a customer is way less expensive than trying to get new ones, This makes it key for you to keep your name in front of your customers, this could be done through email marketing, When a customer at your store or website, Ask for their email address, just be sure you disclose your privacy practices and allow for an easy OPT-OUT, Be Sure that the information you send is currently engaging and informative and the information you send tie in your product and your service and how it benefits the customer and how it can benefit in even more ways in the future.

So it is always focused on benefits for your customers.

8th, Email or text coupons are an excellent way to build traffic.

The terms for the redemption of a coupon should be clear if the coupon for a free or a discounted products or service, Make or disclose any other fees for redemption, Like an enrollment fee, or registration fee, The goal of couponing, Is to get someone to try your goods or services for the first time.

Savvy business owners also offer coupons to existing customers by giving them on their next visit to their store office or site another way to promote is give a speech.

9th, Give a speech of seminar free to your community.

On a subject that is helpful to the people in the audience in growing their business for example if your store sells only natural fiber products, you could give a speech or a seminar about how these products have a smaller greenhouse footprint than synthetics. The wear it longer and are more comfortable as well.

Tie it to fashion and you have fashionistas and environmentalists interested in what you have to say.

10th, Be Sure you frequently update your social media Platforms.

Join Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram here in Dubai, If you want to showcase your product.

Pinterest is another social media site that uses images more than text.

Automate your social media postings using services like Buffer or Hootsuite, Buffer is free for under 5 Social media sites regardless of how many posts you schedule at any given time.

These 10 marketing tips will help you to build your plan and engage customer, Create brand awareness and help to keep your brand in the forefront of your consumers’ minds and always remember this, everything that you do use these techniques answers the question?

“What’s in it for me?”

It must always solve a problem, Answer a question, help the customer to achieve a goal, But must always answer the question of what is in it for me? Whenever you are answering that question your potential customer, they will pay very close attention to you and listen very often take action on your suggestion, so before we wrap up, I would like to leave you with a thought to share with your friends and followers.

“Keep Raising the bar on yourself. How can you better serve your customers today?”

Brain Tracy

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